Another great way for you to help us get the word out and help us support the Las Vegas safe house and the women we serve is through Fitness for Freedom. 


Do you belong to a fitness studio or have connections to one?  Help Refuge for Women Las Vegas raise funds by holding a "Charity Event Fitness Fundraiser"!  Contact Megan Bevers at and set a date to invite members and guests to the studio or gym, receive donations, and we'll provide volunteers to set up a booth, sell Refuge T Shirts and then you SWEAT IT OUT for a great cause!  

Refuge for Women also invites runners to set up their own online funding page (GoFundMe or any platform) and raise donations for your race.  We'll even pay for your race entrance fee and give you a free T Shirt if your friends and family donate at least $500 to the cause!

Fitness charity events or races that bring in donations are two great ways to getting into our FITNESS FOR FREEDOM campaigns. 

Now, go sweat it up!  Support the health and healing of exploited and trafficked women by getting healthy yourself!